No, that\’s not short for needing to use the bathroom. It\’s my new goal.

I\’ve been pursuing engineering kind of in a vacuum since December or so. Well, given that I\’m an engineer by profession (Associate Test Engineer), I\’ve definitely been pursuing it longer than that, but I\’ve redoubled my efforts since then.

Back in the October-December time period, I was having one of my customary career crises. My wife helped me pull out of this one and get back on the engineering/technical path. She pointed out that I have been worrying about my career, which is a violation of Matthew 6:34; thatĀ feeling \”fake\” isn\’t unusual; that while I feel flighty, I\’ve been successful in the same field for more than 5 years; that I\’m most satisfied when I have a goal in mind; and that there is no need to rush.

All of that has been extremely helpful. I recommitted myself to studying engineering and have finished one math book and I\’m about a quarter of the way through the next.

But I need an actual end goal. On the one hand, getting an engineering degree makes sense. But I\’ve already got two bachelor degrees, I don\’t really want to spend any more money supporting a system that is so incredibly wicked (seriously, check out the crazy things coming from college campuses), and I think I\’m pretty good at self-study.

As far as I can tell, there is no requirement to have an engineering degree to be a PE, at least in some states. You have to pass a difficult test and have experience. I\’m ready to pursue this. Heck, I am pursuing it.

Here goes.

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