This post title had been sitting in my drafts. The only content was \”a.\” Literally, that was it. So I\’ll take it up again. Or maybe I should says, \”So… I\’ll take it up again.\”

Since my last published post (that I can tell), was back in December. It was correct. I\’ll not rehash it here. January, however, was a great month, studying-wise. I think I finished something like 27 lessons in the 31 days, which is great.

February was pretty good, too, though not quite as good as January . According to my spreadsheet, I finished 23 lessons in 28 days. Pretty good!

I had high hopes of finishing Algebra 2 this month. Alas, it was not meant to be. A lot of things have seemingly conspired against me. I remember one Saturday where I had \”great plans\” for study that ended up being largely spent chatting with a doctor about engineering (a former engineering major). Was worth it, but still, didn\’t get anything done that day. Then a sibling has been having a kind of quarter life crisis. Anyway, it\’s the 24th and I\’ve completed 9 lessons (including today).

Anyway, I had more to say, but I am le tired. Time to hit the sack.

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