On being a developer/programmer/software engineer

I\’ve got two drafts related to this already. One is called something like, \”I\”ve decided to be a programmer!1!!\” The other \”Linux programmer.\”

So yes, I\’ve basically decided to pursue programming/software engineering, but it\’s not that simple.

  1. Linux hates me.
    1. On my main laptop, it overheats.
    2. On my Chromebook, performance in Linux (GalliumOS) is lame. And the touchpad stops working without cause.
    3. I\’m struggling to get a Python IDE to work with the Python version I want (3.7).
    4. Le sigh.
  2. Intellectually, I know that going to Windows and making a working app there first makes sense. BUT I DON\”T WANT TO!
    1. No really, I don\’t want to.

Anyway, Gallium is working mostly, though the performance isn\’t stellar. It\’s good enough to start trying something. Maybe. There\’s definitely part of me that just wants to get Ubuntu/Xubuntu working on my Thinkpad or Chromebook so I can be settled with something my work uses. But that goal might be a bit foolhardy.

There. That\’s enough to publish for now. I\’m working on programming. So help me!

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