Why I\’m ditching Panda Express–and why it hurts

Up front, I\’m not doing it because of anything specific they\’ve done. I don\’t care for their charity requests, but that\’s definitely not enough to get me to stop going (just good practice saying no politely). The employees aren\’t a problem either. The food is why I keep coming back, though. I just love it. Savory, sweet, fried, and if you regularly use the receipt to do the survey for a free entree, it\’s a good value. What\’s not to love?

Pain. That\’s what. My body apparently really doesn\’t care for Panda. I noticed the last few times I\’ve gone there that my body is literally sore afterward. Old injuries that haven\’t been hurting suddenly hurt. Weird things hurt, too. Like the top of my left foot. ?!? That had bothered me on our vacation trip, where I ate way too much junk food (including Panda Express), ate more meals than normal, ate sugary cereal, etc., and was also standing more than normal. But it\’d calmed down since I came home. Then, today, out of nowhere it was hurting, my sacroilliac joint was hurting (which hasn\’t in forever), my ankles, and even my knees. If my joints are taking it this poorly, this is something I need to listen to.

It\’d probably is due to the tons of sugar. That\’s my guess, anyway. 4.4 oz serving of SweetFire Chicken, my favorite by far, has 20 grams of sugar. And my guess is that 4.4 oz is one entree, and I get the three entree meal, so I\’m probably getting a dumping of 60 grams of sugar at once, which I pretty much never do otherwise.

The weird thing is that other things don\’t seem to do it in the same way. My foot only started hurting on vacation after Panda. It did it again today. But when I had a ton of ice cream and lemonade, and other father\’s day treats, nothing like this occurred.

Anyway, I\’m mainly writing this for me, so I can have something to go back to and look at to remember why I shouldn\’t go get that tasty deliciousness next time. I don\’t hold this against them. It\’s not their fault. It\’s just not compatible with my system. It\’s yummy to the nines, but it hurts later.

3 thoughts on “Why I\’m ditching Panda Express–and why it hurts

  1. Exactly one week later I went again. C’est la vie.

    Granted, it wasn’t really my fault entirely. I had a meeting in Moscow that I thought was a lunch meeting, but was actually just a meeting. And then I wanted to go to Chick-Fil-A, but they are apparently closed for the summer. Then I planned to go to Wendy’s, but they looked busy. Then I thought about Arby’s, but it sounded expensive. Then I thought about Winco, but that sounded icky. So it was Panda Express.

    But it was my fault. I’m curious to see if anything hurts now.

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the case. My neck hurts and hasn’t for a while, as does my back. Bye Panda, alas, bye-bye.

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