Getting Back in GalliumOS after space bar

So, apparently you can mess up access to Gallium OS by simply hitting the space key at the bootup screen. Oops. I had no idea. I\’m guessing that I did or maybe one of my kids did.

Anyway, it makes it so that you can\’t get back into it. I did after a bit of mucking around and wanted to write down my steps as best as I can recall.

  1. Get back into Developer Mode.
  2. Open a terminal (control shift T, I believe).
  3. Your root password won\’t work here. You\’ve got to get to another shell. Hit control alt forward arrow (what would be F2).
  4. There, enter \”root\” and whatever password you set previously.
  5. Then enable legacy boot again: sudo crossystem dev_boot_legacy=1

That should be it. You should be able to reboot and do the control L shortcut to get back into Gallium.

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