Back at it

The baby is here, Christmas is over now, the new year is upon us, we seem to be getting over whatever sickness has ailed us, and I have a car that I will probably keep for a long time again. Time to get back at it.

Had my first run in a while today. Well, I guess I had one about 1.5 weeks ago, but somehow this one felt more real. And more necessary.

First lesson of math finished since December 20th today. Yesterday, I cracked the book for the first time in, well, since then, but I only did one question before getting distracted. Today, I made myself go downstairs to the lunchroom. Doing so allowed me to finish the 6 problems left in the lesson. Haha. Baby steps. Somehow going somewhere else helps. I felt inept and stupid trying to remember stuff from less than a month ago, but still, I made progress.

Tomorrow is my last day of \”freedom\” regarding alcohol. I haven\’t set any goals regarding it, so I\’ve basically been doing whatever I want (within reason). Friday is the start of a new \”week\” as far as how I track alcohol consumption. Needs to happen. Don\’t want to, but I don\’t want to drink more than I should every day for the rest of my life.

I also had a rather productive day at work. It felt good. It feels like things are slowly getting back to normal.

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