Strategizing Against Time-Wasters

First, why isn\’t \”strategizing\” a word? COME ON? I can guarantee it\’s on 60% of LinkedIn profiles. Then again… Anyway, moving on….

A habit I\’ve gotten into (and kept up, mostly), is sending my wife a list of goals for each month. It\’s more doable than saying \”I\’m gonna do this crazy thing for a year.\” This month, I decided to try something a little different. I\’ve struggled with wasting time on the Internet (shock!). Facebook, Twitter, ESPN, news sites, even good ol\’ Wikipedia. And most of the time wasting is done on my phone or my Chromebook. Rather than saying, \”None of this stuff at all,\” which is kind of like saying \”No alcohol ever,\” I decided to try this: Fun sites *only* on my home desktop computer. Not on my phone, not on my work computer, not on this here Chromebook. It\’s been surprisingly effective already. Yesterday, a Saturday, I finished my flashcards on my phone. Then I read some of a book I\’ve been wanting to read on my Kindle instead of wasting 1 hour on Facebook. But I\’ve not abandoned Facebook or Twitter entirely; I\’ve gone on each a few times Friday, yesterday, and today. But way less than normal.

Anyway, Mark Zuckerberg would probably not approve, but it\’s using his tool/toy in a space more appropriate to its actual usefulness. So far, I like it. I hope I will keep it up.

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