Chromebook for C++

OK, this is a work in progress. Or rather a goal.

I\’m taking a C++ class online through ASU. I bought an oldish Thinkpad to do the work on it, but I find it really irritating to use. The h key isn\’t reliable and the touchpad is terrible. Like, I hate it.

On the other hand, I love my Chromebook. It\’s nothing special: A Samsung Chromebook 3 with 4gb of ram, and 16gb of disk space. Its touchpad works well, the battery life is good, and the h key works reliably.

Everything I do for the class can be easily done with the Chromebook–except for writing and testing C++ code. But this seems like a trivial thing for something built on Linux to do. So I\’m going to be trying to figure out how to get it done and documenting it here.

My goal is to have this \”finished\” by Sunday night.

Potential paths:
1. Linux apps are supported, so I might find one that works for that. CodeLite has been tried so far and doesn\’t compile programs correctly since make apparently isn\’t supported. I might try troubleshooting this.
2. Crouton. I\’m fairly sure this would work, but it\’s kind of a heavy way to do it. I\’d rather something lighter.
3. Play store app. This might be the best option.

That\’s what\’s up.

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