Following up on Chromebook C++

The \”Linux apps on Chromebook\” option ended up working quite well–after I worked through a few issues.

The main issue was the IDE I happened to choose (CodeLite) has some sort of issue where it gets locked to an older version in apt. I then updated the repositories with the wrong address (Ubuntu instead of Debian) and it wouldn\’t find the newer versions of the program as a result. After I got that figured out, CodeLite 13 looks like it\’s going to work very well for the intro to C++ class I\’m taking.

Edited to add: Something went wrong with CodeLite 13. No clue what happened, but compiling and executing programs just stopped working entirely. After trouble-shooting for a while and getting nowhere, I needed to get on with my class, so I tried out Code::Blocks, and so far it\’s been fine. I\’m hoping it continues to work….

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