I\’m considering degoogling my life. It seems like a decent definition. But I guess it really has more to do with personalizing my life. It\’s all Snowden\’s fault.

Well, sort of. Snowden, to me, is an enigma. I can\’t really figure him out. On the one hand, he seems legitimately interested in not having the Government screw over the world (I nearly wrote \”us,\” meaning, I think, the US population, but it\’s more like everyone).

But if you go down this path of conspiracy, it becomes wheels within wheels. Who do you trust? Anybody? Nobody? It\’s maddening. If you believe what Snowden\’s pushing, we\’re in real trouble. But I do pretty much believe it. It makes sense.

But where does that leave me? I\’m an engineer for a large EE company. I get paid to do engineering work. I have \”big brother\” on my phone all the time. I don\’t really like that. My wife took her bra off last night in our bathroom, in a completely asexual way, but I noticed that at least one of our phones was potentially \”available,\” and the thought of some jerk in a cubicle seeing that is infuriating.

Anyway, for any of you NSA pukes watching, I have no desire to screw over the US. I\’m a law-abiding citizen (mostly–I eat and drink [non-alcoholic] drinks while driving in WA, which might be illegal). I love my country for the foundation for which it was built and the freedoms I still have.

I want to be more \”undercover,\” but I don\’t know how that\’s realistically possible at this point. I want to do so for the sole reason that it\’s none of their business what I\’m doing. I don\’t like the idea of some ass-hat (pardon the French) being able to enable my webcam at his leisure and voyeurise my wife (or me). I don\’t like the thought that anything I type in my browser, even if deleted, is potentially recorded and stored. It\’s disgusting. It\’s alien to the way our country is supposed to behave.

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