Got me a new computer today. Booya. Well, new to me. A Thinkpad x250. So far, me likey a lot. It\’s kind of like my Chromebook, but with a way bigger SSD and access to Windows. I feel like I\’m home. Happy sigh.

Next up is to try to get a decent version of Linux on it. I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows right away, since, well, that\’s what I do. So I made a partition for it then. Now to figure out what to choose. I\’m sure I\’ll choose a *buntu. Well, maybe. Maybe I\’ll try out Debian for reals. I don\’t know. Probably I\’ll stick with a flavor of Ubuntu. Maybe Ubuntu Proper since this is probably a fast enough laptop to handle that.

Anyway, I wanted to try out the keyboard and so far I\’d say it\’s pretty good. Maybe a little stiffer than I\’d prefer, but definitely not bad. I can type decently fast, it works, and I don\’t see any obvious flaws.

Touchpad is great. I fixed the Trackpoint issues that always seem to be present with Windows 10 quickly, so that\’s good.

Edited to add: You must select \”Use as middle click\” in the mouse settings for the settings above to work correctly. Otherwise, apparently the button does nothing.

All in all, so far, I like it a lot!

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