Things I like/don\’t like


  1. Dark mode. I had coworkers doing this way before I gave it a shot. I thought they were just being \”cool^TM.\” It\’s really better. I really do enjoy computers better when not having bright colors blasted at me all day. When I run across a page that somehow obviates the amazing Dark Reader extension it makes me a little sad. See first \”don\’t like.
  2. Bourbon. I could almost name this a list of \”likes I used to not like.\” I used to really dislike bourbon. I drink Evan Williams most often, but do appreciate Jack Daniels (but it\’s too expensive).

Don\’t likes:

  1. I don\’t like WordPress\’s dealing with numbered lists. It\’s really difficult to get it to not include a title in the numbered list. Word nails this better, and it\’s hard there. COME ON.
  2. Firefox\’s home page not obeying the Dark Mode extension. Come on, FF, get with the program.
  3. Likes. I say repeatedly \”Not like\” when my kids or other significant others say \”it\’s like,\” or whatever. It\’s an addictive habit, and one that is difficult to stop, even when you loathe it. Please don\’t like.

OK, that\’s all for now.

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