Done with school

I just withdrew from school, probably for the last time ever. I don\’t think I\’ll ever re-enroll; it\’s just not in the cards.

There were a variety of reasons for doing this. But a major part is that I\’m increasingly disgusted with the effects of school. I get the impression that people who respect and adore degrees, and education (all rise!) are cool-shamed far too easily. So adieu. Farewell.

But that\’s not the only reason. Another real reason is that my company is increasingly going along with the COVID nonsense full bore. It\’s nauseating. And if I take classes, I\’m in debt to my company for at least one year (or rather, they can make me pay it back if I leave for any reason). I don\’t want such apron strings right now.

And finally, a major reason is just family time. I have a lot of kids and a lovely wife. Ain\’t nobody got time for school.

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