To school…or not to school

So, I told my wife the other day that I thought I should abandon any hope of school. For the sake of my kids. I think part of that is certainly true. Yet….

When I abandon hope of school, it\’s like something changes inside of me. My intellectual focus shifts. I do worthless things, like spending time on Twitter. If I had Facebook, I\’d spend time there.

I don\’t know why this is. Intellectually, I know that my time is valuable, and that I should husband it. But somehow, when I don\’t have an educational goal….

Anyway. I tried to legitimately make sure my wife doesn\’t mind me going to work early. She legit seems to not mind. So I am planning to hit my Saxon Calculus book again hard tomorrow and get back to it. Idea being to be ready for classes in summer semester.

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