So apparently, school.

I\’m in the midst of calculus 2 through an online school. First three weeks kicked my tail. I might be catching up now, sort of, but maybe not. We\’ll see when midterms roll around. Integration by parts is…hard.

I will say this: this is easily the most difficult class I\’ve ever taken. Calc 1 was hard, too, but it had easier grading. You got to bring a paper with notes to the midterm and final. No-can-do here. It\’s going to be hard. BUT, I think it\’s making me work harder in a more productive way.

That said, I did have to request (and receive) an extension for the third week\’s homework. I was just about ready to just withdraw when I remembered that you can request an extension. That was a huge help. It may end up biting me on the midterm (where the slack will come from), but we\’ll see.

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