Various Thoughts

A bummer in life is that web URL\’s are hard to get. Even URL\’s I\’ve had, too. It\’s just a bummer. And the ones I control are never as good. Grass, greener, etc.

But anyway.

Another bummer is that it seems that nothing tops a book, pencil, and notebook for math. I\’ve tried an old Samsung tablet with an S-Pen, then a new Samsung tablet with S-pen (Galaxy S7 , then recently I actually literally rented an Apple Ipad Pro (11 inch) with a Pencil (second edition) and it\’s still not as good as a simple notebook and math book. Oh well.

The holy grail is to be able to use a single device to be the math book and the notebook. It\’s simplicity. It\’s beautiful. But it never really works.

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