Re-enabling Wifi and Data Toggles

I do not like the new internet toggle system on Android (12, I think is where they introduced it). Multiple touches in order to enable or disable wifi or data. The old way was better.

You can re-enable them by using ADB. On Linux, you install it by means of:

sudo apt install adb

Then with USB connected, do:

adb devices

It should show your device.

If you get \”unauthorised,\” as I did, you might have to do:

adb kill-server

Then authorize when it connects again (click the button on the phone authorizing the computer).

I had trouble at this point connecting to a shell and did the following (though I\’m not certain it\’s required):

sudo apt install android-tools-adb

Then I did:

adb shell

Then in that shell, enter the commands here:

So I entered these commands sequentially:

settings put global settings_provider_model false

settings put secure sysui_qs_tiles \”wifi,cell,$(settings get secure sysui_qs_tiles)\”

That seemed to work for me!

Then you just have to edit the toggles like normal on your phone and it has the old ones again.


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