Loudness Equalization on Linux

This feels like one of those big dominoes that I\’ve been occasionally looking for but *finally* has fallen. [Not sure that works linguistically, but work with me here.]

On Windows, for as long as I can remember, one feature I really, really liked for non-music is the so-called \”Loudness Equalization.\” It\’s an option in Windows (sometimes!!) that can really help normalize how loud your speakers are. So instead of blasting the loud parts of a movie to kingdom come and barely being able to make out the dialogue, it allows you to hear both at more appropriate levels.

But I had not made this work on Linux. Until today.

Doing what\’s suggested here worked perfectly.

The only \”hard\” parts were downloading the file (upper right), unzipping it, then copying it to the appropriate folder as directed. Then I rebooted (because I didn\’t want to figure out restarting Pulseaudio) and it seems to work great. I\’m at 68% volume and can actually hear dialogue on my laptop. It\’s amazing.

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