Getting back to Debian after Windows 10 install

I decided to put Windows 10 back on my laptop so I could work on something that requires an actual Windows install. The guides online all looked scary, so after looking around I found out it\’s really easy on a modern laptop.

  1. Reboot and go to bios.
  2. Change the boot order to have Debian first.
  3. Save and boot into Debian.
  4. In Debian, go to the command line and run the command \”sudo update-grub.\”
  5. Reboot and note that Windows is listed on the grub menu now, but Debian is first.

That\’s literally it. It was that simple. This was on a T470s that previously had Debian 11 installed on two partitions (separate installs). I deleted the one I never use with Gparted, then installed Windows on that partition. Then I did the above to get back to being able to go into Debian.

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