Need a plan

I need a plan. Things are flying around at a million miles an hour and I don\’t know where I\’m going.

Things in mind:

  1. I need to finish the class I\’m in. Only a few weeks left and I need to finish strong. Average in the class is high right now, but that could change with one bombed test.
  2. I need to figure out my flashcard situation. LaTex, hand drawn? What.
  3. I need to figure out my laptop situation. What I\’m doing now is pretty irritating. I\’m swapping between Chromebooks, a new-to-me Thinkpad, and using the Thinkpad as a desktop when I do use it. It\’s maddening and confusing. I need to settle on something that works. Problems:
    1. The Thinkpad has a really terrible touch pad. I know that sounds trivial, but it seriously interrupts my workflow. It\’s tiny, unresponsive, and just horrible.
    2. The Chromebooks work better generally, but the one I like the best has a tiny SSD (16gb), so installing full Linux on it is bad. And full Linux has its own issues on it. The touchpad (notice a theme?) is glitchy in Linux.
    3. The best workflow has been on the Thinkpad with a second monitor, full mouse and keyboard. But that\’s not very portable. I don\’t want to be tied to my desktop space.
  4. I need to figure out what to do educationally. The intro computer program I\’ve taken has gone fine, but it\’s been really easy over all, and yet still somewhat taxing time-wise. I have a lot of commitments (wife, kids, kids programs, etc.). But I\’ve liked taking a class, even if it\’s really been too easy in some respects.

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