R11 and Windows

So, I\’ve got a bunch of old computers and I\’m trying to figure out the best way to make them work for me. This has been…interesting.

My opinion of Linux has largely been colored by using it and finding that it doesn\’t work well. Basic, basic stuff like the touchpad working reliably has been an issue. No offense to all the Linux nerds out there.

Windows 10 on my Chromebook R11 has been great so far. In Linux\’s defense, onboard audio works on the R11 in Linux and doesn\’t on Windows. But things like the touch pad work. The install was easy. It\’s just been…not difficult. And audio does work with Bluetooth, which is good enough for me as a student who usually does audio through headphones anyway.

Maybe someday I\’ll become a Linux guy, but for now, Windows again is working.

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