Xubuntu 19.04 on Samsung Chromebook 3

I\’ve tried a good bit to find a good fit for my Samsung Chromebook 3. I mean, ChromeOS is great and all, but, well, I want a real OS. I really like this little portable, and wanted to make a Linux possible.

I\’d been trying \”half measures,\” like chrx.org, Gallium, etc. They all had downsides. Gallium would have the mouse randomly stop working, for instance. Plus I\’d read somewhere that Gallium\’s life might be shortlived. So I decided to go with Xubuntu proper. Enter angelic choir.

It\’s been great so far. The only issue I\’ve encountered is that the palm detection wasn\’t enabled by default, so it\’d jump around while typing, but enabling that was pretty easy. I think it still needs a little tweaking, but it\’s still way better than default.

I guess I haven\’t tried out Bluetooth. Hang on, I\’ve got my earbuds….

That was fairly easy. Had to change it from \”headset\” to \”audio sync,\” but that seemed to take care of the initial goofiness it presented.

Otherwise, no real issues. Mouse seems responsive, the wifi worked out of the box, no blinking with the screen.

I\’m pleased. Very pleased.

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