So apparently, not school

At least not formally. I have no intention of giving up learning–ever. If anything, I\’m more determined than ever to stick it out.

I was \”hacking it\” in calc 2. It was hard, don\’t get me wrong. But I had figured out how to study for it and was making it. The problem was that it was just taking too much time. I was having to devote too much time to it each day in order to keep up. So my time with my wife and kids was suffering. Not good. A deal breaker.

So what\’s the plan now, you (I mean me) might ask? Well, I feel like I know calculus better than I ever have, and don\’t want to lose that momentum. I\’m planning to continue on Saxon\’s Calculus and hopefully finish the book before November, then prepare for the Calculus BC exam next year. Why? Well, it\’s not structured, which is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it was nice being \”made\” to work really hard for a class. On the other, I can\’t just tell my kids, \”Sorry, can\’t be a dad; I have to study.\” And I can\’t tell my kids\’ school that I can\’t do volunteer activities because I\’m doing school. Or tell my extended family that I can\’t help them because I have school.

I guess the fact of the matter is that I have too many responsibilities to be a diligent student. Or maybe I\’m still a putz. It\’s one of those.

Anyway, I dropped my class. And part of me really mourns. It\’s legit hard. But, well, it\’s life. It\’s where I\’m at. And I have much to be grateful for.


  1. Spend at *least* thirty minutes per day on Calculus book.
  2. Learn Python.
  3. Get up early, but not quite so early.
  4. No alcohol in August.

That\’s it. That\’s the plan. Oh, and maybe tangentially study for the ham radio exam.

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